Monday 21 May 2007This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

Chaoscope is a visualization toy. It draws beautiful pictures of strange attractors, which are a bizarre fractal-like mathematical construct from the field of chaos theory. Whatever, they look really nice:

A jellyfish-like thingy I made with Chaoscope

The interface is really well done, letting you randomly find interesting attractors, but then drag them in three dimensions and fiddle with their parameters. You can get a good intuitive sense of the chaos in chaos theory by making small changes in the parameters, and seeing sometimes small changes in the output, and sometimes huge changes. There are a number of nice options for the rendering phase too.

This is definitely going in my list of mesmerizing desktop toys...


I like the plasma ja light based renderings, they are so beautiful.
Somehow I managed to do my Plasmatron, but I didn't save the parameters, so this will be probably forever stay an unique piece of art:

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