New client-side web tools

Thursday 2 August 2007

Quick links to new JavaScript-based tools:

¶  XRAY is a cross-browser bookmarklet for selecting an element and displaying its geometry and other info.

¶  YUI 2.3.0 is an update to YUI including a rich-text editor, a dependency-aware component loader, and other cool stuff.

¶  YUI Image Cropper is a nice implementation of image cropping, built on YUI. These seem to be available for all the popular libraries: for scriptaculous, for mootools, for jQuery, and so on.

¶  Exhibit is a slick library for displaying small databases interactively in the browser without needing any server-side support. From the Simile (Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments) group, which has a bunch of interesting stuff.


The library is called Exhibit, Simile is the umbrella project/team at MIT for different technologies such as: Exhibit, Potluck, Piggy Bank, Longwell, Solvent and many more.
Thanks for the correction Elias, I updated the post.

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