Wednesday 25 April 2007This is 16 years old. Be careful.

Moleskinerie is a blog devoted to all things Moleskine, that is, anything having to do with the beloved line of Moleskine notebooks.

Often, the posts are links to scans of artists’ work in their Moleskines. I am perpetually amazed and envious at their abilities to create masterpieces freehand in their little portable sketchbooks. For example, Kris Sowersby’s typographic noodlings, and June Parrish Cookson’s gentle travelogues.

I carry a Moleskine Cahiers pocket-size notebook because it fits in my pocket (!), but there’s no great art going into it, just random notes and ideas...


This is one of the blogs that I subscribe to, Mattias often posts scans of his (wierd!) Moleskine sketches as well as the more usual larger
Ned, thank you so much for mentioning my blog!

Interesting that you mention Mattias -- been following his work for quite some time. Quirky and entertaining. Love it!
I just went to my local fine stationary store and picked up a Squared Notebook. What a fantastic product! When I'm designing software, I find it much easier to work through thoughts on paper than at the keyboard, and I usually do that on graph paper. This is exactly what I've been looking for.
I now have Moleskine envy but I just can't decide which version to buy - ruled, blank or blocked. The writer in me wanted rules, the doodler/artist wants blank while the engineer wants blocks. Too many choices.

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