Google chart API

Saturday 8 December 2007This is over 15 years old. Be careful.

If I had a need for quick charts as images in web pages, Google Chart API looks pretty useful. I have a feeling I would have more charts on my pages if I took something like this as a given. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities I would have overlooked.

They don’t handle negative numbers, but that may be a misunderstanding about whether the data are values or relative positions.


Heya Ned, the chart API can represent negative numbers, even if you can't have them in the data directly. You just need to normalize the dataset and then set up your axis labels correctly. This doesn't just apply to -ve numbers it also applies to any range of values that you supply.
Yeah, although they wait till the very end to make it clear, the whole idea seems to be that you choose one of three available resolutions, then map from your data range to the grid coordinate range of theirs that has that resolution. So the numbers (or characters) you give them have very little resemblance to your original data.

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