Hex words, updated

Tuesday 20 March 2007

I made my list of hex words four years ago, and there it has sat. Not until this morning did Larry Junk point out that the word “cafe” was missing from the list. I looked, and sure enough, no cafe, even though I mentioned cafebabe in the first sentence.

Turns out the Moby word list of 74,500 common words includes affettuoso, affenpinscher, and cafard, but not “cafe”. Go figure.

So I found another word list, combined the two, and now my list of 805 hex words is a list of 1196 hex words.


Bill Mill 10:14 AM on 20 Mar 2007

My favorite, from a quick scan at least, is de5018 (which happens to be one of the hex colors).

Jack Diederich 11:04 AM on 20 Mar 2007

On my Ubuntu box (Dapper Drake)

sprat:~> wc -l /usr/share/dict/words
98569 /usr/share/dict/words
sprat:~> cat /usr/share/dict/words | python hexword.py | wc -l

Bryan Price 1:42 PM on 20 Mar 2007

I remember awhile^H^H^H^H^H^H a few years ago that I was thinking about creating a file out of all [a-f][a-f][a-f][a-f][a-f][a-f][a-f][a-f] and then going through and finding real words. By hand. I don't even think I made it through the a's.

I never thought to use the numbers as well. :-O I wasn't 31337 at the time. Not even 1337.

Thanks for the link!

Frank 6:57 AM on 7 Aug 2007

The hexadecimal word-fill pattern for freshly allocated memory under a number of IBM environments, including the RS/6000 is 'deadbeef' ;)


oren 6:42 AM on 22 Apr 2008

you dont have dead5ea

gianni 12:41 PM on 21 Jul 2009

hoe about 'dead deaf babe'? beautiful MAC for a not so sensitive wireless adapter :-)

Rich 2:26 PM on 9 Feb 2012

I noticed your script commented out search for words with 'g' (substituting with 6), where I would normally substitute a 9.

'cabba9e5' is the word-fill pattern I most commonly use.

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