Making history

Thursday 3 May 2007This is 16 years old. Be careful.

This is a week of big changes at Tabblo, as we move from offices in Cambridge to the HP facility in Marlborough. It is a time of great dislocation while we figure out new commutes, new environments, new co-workers.

As it happens, coming up next week is the Lotus 25th Anniversary party, and with it, some historical photos of the early days at Lotus. I wasn’t at Lotus when these photos were taken, but I later worked with a number of the people pictured, so they bring back memories of my time at Lotus.

The HP building we’re moving into is the old Digital facility known as MRO1. As it happens, my last week of working for Digital, I had a cubicle in this building about 100 feet from where Tabblo now sits. So walking around this building brought back memories of people and project I worked on at Digital. Looking up some specfic names, I found this Powerpoint about the history of VMS. Again, I didn’t work on these projects, and wasn’t at Digital for much of the timeline, but I recognize people in the group shots.

All of this has made me feel a bit like I’ve come unstuck in time, as I re-connect with a number of points in my career. And it has made me realize that the pictures I take this week will become part of Tabblo’s history, are by definition already part of its history. Here are a few shots from our last day in Cambridge:

Tabblo: End of 02139

So consider this tabblo as an early entry in the Tabblo 25th Anniversary museum.


I never worked at Lotus but given the Iris/IBM connection I figured I would have recognized more people. The only person I did (besides the couple of famous faces) was Wi-Kia (sp)
How's the new commute, Ned? Marlborough is a heck of a haul, though thankfully a reverse commute.
Marlborough? Woot! Welcome to the neighborhood!

I have a commute from Worcester (Holden border) to Burlington. Long commutes are not that bad once you get used to them. Some times it can help you decide not to start debugging and leave it for the next day when you will be fresh.

Good luck with the move!
When I first moved back to Boston to join e-Dialog after leaving Boston for a few years, it was a very strange feeling. I moved back into the house I used to live in, with the same guys, and fell back into similar lifestyle patterns. It was as if the intervening time hadn't happened, or that we retconned away the time between 1st round and 2nd.

The feeling didn't last. Folks were getting married, changing jobs, moving out, but for a while, it was a strange aspect of living in two times.

I wonder if we aren't alone in this feeling of "deja vu", with the release of multiple "living in 2 times at once" movies (Keanu in the Lake House, Denzel in the ferry explosion movie, Nick Cage in his "2 minutes next" movie, Sandra Bullock in her time flip movie about her dead/alive husband, etc.)

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