Thursday 12 July 2007This is nearly 16 years old. Be careful.

Pikapika is a photographic technique of making a long-exposure still photograph in a dark space. A person with a small flashlight uses the exposure time to draw a picture in the air. Do this a number of times with animation in mind, and you get a short video of a neon-like cartoon floating in air. The apt subtitle of the pikapika site is “lightning doodle project”.

I found this via the Strobist’s post about a Sprint commericial using the technique. Comparing the scribbly quality of the original pikapika animations with the tight control of the Sprint commercial, I’d guess that the Sprint folks faked the animation in post-production.

This is one of those innovative techniques that fires the imagination. The boys and I may be making some mini-pikapika soon...


I posted about something related a few days ago ;) Check that one out : http://jiar.de/
Looks like I was wrong about the Sprint commercial: they did it by hand.
Never underestimate the power of corporate-scale resources to tune up home-made art. These guys probably started out on a shoestring, and given the time and money to do it right, they did it right.

Did you know that "pika-pika" is (also) Japanese for glittering, sparkling? Doesn't seem very apt in this case, so maybe there's another derivation...

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