Simpsons avatars

Thursday 19 July 2007This is more than 16 years old. Be careful.

The promotional site for the coming Simpsons Movie includes an avatar creator for making an image of yourself as a Simpsons character (no direct link: find Create Your Simpsons Avatar at the top of the page). This has been done before, but this toy is really a cut above. As always with these things, the choices seem too limited, or strangely abundant in all the wrong places. In spite of that, the results really are quite good. Here’s my entire family:

The five of us, as Simpsons


Well, Susan came out least realistic [which I think she'll appreciate hearing!], Nat actually looks most like himself, and Ned, wth the facial hair and glasses, you are not too bad a resemblance. Ben and Max are medium recognizable. But this is very very fun. I may try myself and Ed!
Do it up, Sarai, and then send it to us! We all worked on that family portrait together!
Hey, great! You all look recognizable...within the parameters of Simpsonizing that is. I liked how you put it...the choices are limited and overabundant at the same time!

Here's mine!

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