Planet Saturday

Sunday 11 November 2007This is nearly 16 years old. Be careful.

Planet Saturday is a monthly comic about parents and kids. Rather then gags like Calvin and Hobbes, they are more like sweet remembrances with humor, about real moments during parenting or childhood. I love the drawings, which are detailed, expressive, and funny, and the stories are great. Too bad they only appear once a month...


I am now in love with Planet Saturday. The artwork has a Bill Waterson/Herge mash-up look, which definitely floats my boat. Signed up for the e-mail list and added it to my own sidebar links. Thanks Ned!
Uhh, nice one, subscribed. Still, C&H is up there in the sky... (but I'm biased, I think C&H is simply the best American strip ever produced; I know perfectly well that it couldn't have existed without Peanuts, but I still find C&H is much better).

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