Math factoid of the day


Antonio 8:51 AM on 16 Jun 2007

Happy birthday old man!

xebecs 8:52 AM on 16 Jun 2007

My favorite: 1/98 = 0.01020408163265 etc.

Stan 8:58 AM on 16 Jun 2007

Yay for triangular numbers: n(n+1)/2

andrew 9:30 AM on 16 Jun 2007

Which illustrates the statistics of "median" quite well!

Jorge 8:45 PM on 16 Jun 2007

Happy birthday Ned!

John 11:05 PM on 16 Jun 2007

Happy B-day Ned!

Joe Grossberg 9:15 PM on 17 Jun 2007

Ooh the xebecs one is cool.

Happy Fathers Day.

Donna Baker 5:44 PM on 19 Jun 2007

I am ashamed to say I missed your birthday this year! I hope it was happy!

DavidM 10:46 PM on 22 Jun 2007

Take a number one to 9, say 6

Multiply that number by 9 = 54

actually 12345679 * 54 = 666,666,666

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