Five things you didn’t know about me

Saturday 13 January 2007This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

Damien tagged me with a blog meme to tell five things people don’t know about you.

  1. I grew up in Manhattan. Many people can’t understand raising kids in a city, but I thought it was great. I got around the city by myself on the subway, or by just walking a lot.
  2. I didn’t have a driver’s license until after I was married. This is partially a result of #1.
  3. As a teenager, I attended Farm & Wilderness, a Quaker camp in Vermont. I think it contributed a lot to my personality, and taught me the value of sincerity.
  4. My real name is Edward. No, I don’t know where the N comes from. Ever wonder why Senator Edward Kennedy is called Ted? These things just happen. I am named after both of my grandfathers, who were both Edwards, but my mother hated the nickname Eddie, so she started me off with Ned, and it has served me well.
  5. The backs of my hands have a number of small scars where my autistic son has scratched my hand in anger. I’m of two minds about this: it bothers me a lot when it happens, but I am also proud of the fact that I stay in his face anyway.
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Did you know that Richard Dawkins invented the word "meme"?

My wife works with autistic children and adults, I know what those scars are about. She made me photoshop her hand after we got engaged and send an email to our friends with her wearing her ring.
"Ned" from "Mine Ed", which was a mediaeval familiar form. You get Nell from Ellen in the same way.
Now where were we? Ah yes. Eddie Baby, when you first started in the...
Hey, I grew up in Manhattan too! Well, till I was nine. Can I still say I grew up in Manhattan? Sigh, probably not. I wonder what the minimum number of years is for being able to say "I grew up in"? ;->

Anyway, yeah, city life as a kid was GREAT! I was so depressed when we moved to the beautiful suburbs and we had to go and play outside in the big grassy yard with the swingset. Bleh.
thank you.
Whew! That camp looks exciting and wonderful, but $$$!! I guess we will pass on that one.

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