Škoda cake

Sunday 27 May 2007

I make birthday cakes for my boys’ birthdays, and I once made a race car cake that I thought was pretty good. But it’s got nothing on the full-size cake version of the Škoda Fabia that was made for a commercial:

Skeptics have said “it was made for a commercial, it’s a fake,” but it’s pretty clear they really built this cake, complete with internal details like an engine and a seat. It’s a very impressive acheivement. There’s a five-minute baking-of documentary, of course.

I wonder what they did with it when the shoot was finished?

For higher-quality but harder-to-link video, go to the Škoda Fabia site, and use their Flash navigation to watch the commercial and the behind-the-scenes footage.


That is so cool! I bet it would taste like crap, but man, that's neat. I don't even bother to make the cakes anymore. All of mine fall in the middle. I don't know why. My husband says he would rather have the ones from the store. Bummer. I used to like doing that. I did a fishtank once. That was pretty cool.
Cool Cake! Sort of like Ace of Cakes on steroids. I've made one cake large enough to feed 100, but I prefer to stick to the smaller varitey.
Very cool. Btw, your comment system didn't handle the first letter of Škoda properly in the title here. Maybe a Latin2 --> Latin1 character mapping issue?

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