Wednesday 25 July 2007This is nearly 16 years old. Be careful.

YSlow is a Firebug plug-in for measuring the overall performance of a web page and making recommendations to improve its speed. This is cool on a few levels:

  • This is a great way to get an overview of the performance of a page, with links to helpful pages explaining what’s going on. It continues Firebug’s tradition of helpfully summarizing the under-the-hood details.
  • I didn’t even realize Firebug supported plug-ins! What a wonderful world we live in!
  • “YSlow” is a really cute name.

On the down side, like all automatic diagnostic tools, the results are a mix of really useful pointers, and really stupid “recommendations” that obviously don’t apply. For example, on my home page, YSlow recommends that I use a CDN (Content Distribution Network) to speed page delivery. For my blog? I don’t think so. And like most lint tools, there’s a way to fake it out to avoid the recommendation (I can use about:config to claim that nedbatchelder.com is a CDN), but that’s pretty silly. Better would be a way to tell YSlow to shut up about CDN’s already.

My blog gets a stinging F (56), but maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad: the YSlow page itself gets a D (67)!


New to Firefox plugins??
So I have only one word for you: firebug!

Nothing will be the same after, in your web developing ;-))
oppps i didn't carefully read your post ( fire... what? :-( )

Great for me, anyway. Thanks
Not to make you feel bad or anything, but your website load very very slow for me. Looking at the net status shows over 60 requests... That happens to be very bad for slower (and faster) connections. But it pushed my limit, I thought my connection would only load pages with less than 30 requests (of course, it's taken 16.25 minuets and counting... and my connection is going faster).

Also looking at it, most of them are coming from fe.tabblo.com
is it really worth it to have that flashing thing on there?
Oh, thanks for posting this though, YSlow is a great tool ( I didn't know firebug could have plugins ether!)

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