Email senders fight back?

Tuesday 17 April 2007This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

One difficulty with running a web site that sends emails: it’s very easy for your generated emails to get caught in spam filters. And the big email providers each have their own techniques for determining what is spam. This can mean that certain providers routinely don’t deliver your emails. For example, Tabblo and Hotmail just don’t get along that well.

I just saw this on

You will probably not be able to complete your registration with the following emails because your provider is blocking the confirmation message from TV Guide.


You can get a free email account that works from Hotmail or Yahoo.

Sounds like TVGuide got fed up with trying to appease certain spam filters.


That, right there, is the real collateral damage from the spam problem. Not massively overfull mail folders nor the extra resources spent combating the problem; rather, the fact that we find it harder and harder to send mail to each other legitimately, since everyone starts raising the threshold on what mail they will let past automated filters.

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