Kurt Vonnegut, 1922–2007

Thursday 12 April 2007This is 16 years old. Be careful.

Kurt Vonnegut has died at 84.

Vonnegut wrote about the human condition, with a bleak but humorous and affectionate outlook on life. His opinions were blunt and harsh, but at the heart of them was an overarching compassion for people and all their foibles and pains. For a sampling, see his wikiquote page.

His statement on our purpose in the world:

We are here to help each other through this thing, whatever it is.

What a great way to direct us toward a purpose while at the same time admitting that we have no idea what the big picture is.

BTW: I like Jessica’s Indexed cartoon So it goes. It expresses the sentiment of Vonnegut’s fans in a very Vonnegut way.


He regarded common decency as more important than love. And I love him for that.
A sad day indeed.
The man never ceased to amaze me at the way he could take the most complex questions about our existence and strip them to their bare essentials in a way that was entertaining, funny and tragic all at the same time. It really is all about helping each other through this crazy world.

Jessica's tribute was nothing short of brilliant. I am sure Kurt/Kilgore smiled when he saw it...

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