Eric W. Bachtal 12:02 AM on 20 Nov 2007

Curses!! Should have heeded your warning. How do people come up with these things?! Got to level 35 before I realized nearly 30 minutes had gone by ... oh man. (Thanks!)

Paul Leclerc 12:33 AM on 20 Nov 2007

Damn You. This is where all HP's money is going! You're the reason our stock price is going up and down. You're controlling it via mental manipulation of these cursed blocks and therefore affecting the time/space continuum causing an inverse logarithmic whipsaw of investor emotions.
It's the only way to explain how our stock price has no ties to our performance.
Either that or Tabblo just shifted all the brainpower East of the Mississippi. :-)

Doug Napoleone 3:16 AM on 20 Nov 2007

Crap! at least unlike Desktop Tower De fence, I could beat this game. Still, 4 hours of enjoyment I will never get back! Thanks!!!

susan 6:51 AM on 20 Nov 2007


Debbie 11:28 AM on 20 Nov 2007

Evil! Evil I tell you!! Blasted!!

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