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Friday 19 October 2007This is over 15 years old. Be careful.

I love the Firefox custom keywords feature, and the way it’s used to do quick searches. Firefox comes with one for Wikipedia, where “w” is a short-cut like this:

It works pretty well. The problem is that Wikipedia URLs are case-sensitive. So if I type “w jimmy durante”, I get to a page which has helpfully capitalized Jimmy, but left durante alone, so that the page is not found, and I’m stuck at an oh-so-close Not Found page.

But I noticed that if I type “jimmy durante” into the search box, it takes me directly to the Jimmy Durante page. So I redefined my Wikipedia quick search:

Now if I have the title correct except for case, I get taken straight to the page I want, and if the page doesn’t exist, I at least see close matches. Much better.


I use these sorts of quick searches (in Konqueror) all over the place: google, wikipedia, dictionary, delicious, etc..

My most frequently used are for my company's in-house Trac instance though.

Quick searches the poor man's Enso
I actually wasn't happy with the near matches that wikipedia offers.
I have a custom Google "I'm feeling lucky" search of the english wikipedia so google does the work. If I'm not happy with where ever google put me then I type in the wikipedia search box.

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