High power job

Monday 14 May 2007This is over 16 years old. Be careful.

I love this short clip about high-power line maintenance: High Power Job. It’s lovingly and beautifully done, and involves some seriously unusual working conditions. This guy works on high-voltage power lines, simply crawling along them wearing a special suit. Since he climbs onto them from a helicopter, there’s no danger of conducting the electricity. Yow! Also, the last line is quite good...


This is a clip from an awesome large-format film about helicopters. Other clips: a coast guard water rescue (staged, unfortunately); picking up a rhino for some research thing; patrolling the bahamas for drug trafficking; etc.
Yow Ned

That's quite a clip. Watching him move along the wires is something else. I wonder if he wears something like cleats, otherwise it must be really touch on the lower part of his leg.

Makes my job seem a lot easier.
i did this job for a couple of years.......it is an unbelieveable feeling......until you crash!!!

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