Transition from summer

Monday 3 September 2007This is close to 16 years old. Be careful.

I’ve been on vacation for the last week or 10 days, at the beach:

Tabblo: Beach Textures

I swam a lot (but safely), spent a lot of time in the sun, played with my kids, fiddled with Mandelbrot code, and just generally relaxed. I also bought a surfboard (new hobby or midlife crisis? you decide!) which I do not know how to use yet. It was a great week on Cape Cod.

Now we are back, and it is time to dig into fall: work, school, leaves, snow, etc.

Tabblo: End of Summer
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You and the beaches won't be happy with me. But I'll be glad to have you back.
Beautiful beach textures!
If you can't remember whether it was a week or 10 days, it must have been a great vacation.
Nice photos; and I really like Tabblo, too.

Have you worked on Cloudprint at all? I have had an interesting idea:

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