Continuous line art

Wednesday 24 October 2007

I was fascinated to see the variety of different art that could be made with a single continuous line. An artificial constraint like that ends up forcing the artist’s creativity to emerge in new ways. The video of the drawing on the wall makes me wonder though, how much planning and practice was necessary to create an image that good?

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This is a bit of hubris, but if you have Dragon Naturally speaking, go to the about dialog, do a shift-F1 to open up the easter-egg year book. Then on the MREC page do a right click.

(or from the command window do a "rundll32 mrec.dll credits" in the same directory as that file.)
freiherr von schveigerr 4:45 AM on 30 Mar 2010
much of my ink+lead designs i've done over the years are continuous lines in terms of planning and practice, there really isnt any. i just pick a spot of the page and let it go where it chooses to go.

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