Peace, stay warm

Tuesday 1 January 2008This is close to 16 years old. Be careful.

To whomever this reaches, an electronic version of our holiday card:

The five of us, on the beach

Stay warm.

I took the picture last August at sunset on First Encounter Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod, specifically trying to get a shot that would work for a card. I used a Nikon ML-L3 remote so I could take lots of pictures without getting up to click the self-timer shutter. You can see I have the remote in my hand, clicking it with my thumb.

My brother Patrick did the photo editing needed to make the original shot usable:

The original shot, with people walking around

Happy 2008, everybody!


Matthew Marshall 8:54 PM on 1 Jan 2008
Looks like you have a happy family there :)

Thanks Matthew. If you knew just how unlikely that shot was...!
Best wishes for a great 2008 Ned. Should be an interesting one!

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