Structure Synth and Sunflow

Wednesday 31 December 2008

Structure Synth is a simple language for writing recursive scripts that can generate complex structures. Think of it like Processing, but in 3D, although it’s technically more of an L-system. Sunflow is a rendering engine that excels at realistic lighting.

Put the two together and you get landmarks from the intersection of Escher and the Matrix:

Escher's Collapse
Box Pyramid
Menger Crates

It all puts me in the mindset of tinkering with the stellated dodecahedron logo on this site...


The third image reminds me of the cube in Transformers that provides the energy/mojo for the inanimate objects to begin transforming!
I found out about Structure Synth a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I love the images it creates though.

Next, Bathsheba Grossman (who you have linked to before) has made a real life 'Unit Cube' like the 3rd picture. She doesn't sell them anymore or I would have already bought one.

Lastly, speaking of stellated dodecahedrons, did you see this link on Gizmodo?

Pretty cool.
@Jay: I love Bathsheba! And thanks, I did happen to catch the Yoshimoto cube on reddit earlier this week.
Funny, I was searching for more info on Structure Synth and came across your blog entry...only to find my own picture, "Escher's Collapse," from flickr displayed! Cool! :-)

Thanks, man!

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