Structure Synth and Sunflow

Wednesday 31 December 2008

Structure Synth is a simple language for writing recursive scripts that can generate complex structures. Think of it like Processing, but in 3D, although it’s technically more of an L-system. Sunflow is a rendering engine that excels at realistic lighting.

Put the two together and you get landmarks from the intersection of Escher and the Matrix:

Escher's Collapse

Box Pyramid

Menger Crates

It all puts me in the mindset of tinkering with the stellated dodecahedron logo on this site...


Al 7:26 AM on 1 Jan 2009

The third image reminds me of the cube in Transformers that provides the energy/mojo for the inanimate objects to begin transforming!

Jay Graves 12:08 PM on 1 Jan 2009

I found out about Structure Synth a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I love the images it creates though.

Next, Bathsheba Grossman (who you have linked to before) has made a real life 'Unit Cube' like the 3rd picture. She doesn't sell them anymore or I would have already bought one.

Lastly, speaking of stellated dodecahedrons, did you see this link on Gizmodo?

Pretty cool.

Ned Batchelder 2:47 PM on 1 Jan 2009

@Jay: I love Bathsheba! And thanks, I did happen to catch the Yoshimoto cube on reddit earlier this week.

fpsurgeon 11:43 AM on 2 Jan 2009

Funny, I was searching for more info on Structure Synth and came across your blog entry...only to find my own picture, "Escher's Collapse," from flickr displayed! Cool! :-)

Thanks, man!

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