Biology factoid of the day


Edward Z. Yang 8:10 AM on 16 Jun 2008

Wikipedia's always a pretty good pick:

Paddy3118 8:16 AM on 16 Jun 2008


- Paddy.

Bob Congdon 8:59 AM on 16 Jun 2008

Happy Ex-Vee-Ell-Eye, Ned!

It's not a math factoind but how about a movie called Code 46?

Ned Batchelder 9:45 AM on 16 Jun 2008

Thanks for the wikipedia links, I had checked there, but the math stuff they have is remarkably obscure.

susan senator 11:24 AM on 16 Jun 2008

How about this: Ned Batchelder has been a biological creature on this earth for 46 years today.

Sarai Batchelder 12:35 PM on 16 Jun 2008

Happy Birfday bro!

Massimo Morelli 4:39 PM on 16 Jun 2008

Happy birthday from Italy.

Bob Congdon 5:33 PM on 16 Jun 2008

Here's a reasonably good set of math factoids including:

"46 is the maximal number of regions into which 9 lines divide a plane".

I wonder if it's possible to automatically draw something like that?

Ned Batchelder 6:53 PM on 16 Jun 2008

Bob, that is a good one! I'm surprised Wikipedia didn't have it...

Ali 8:59 PM on 17 Jun 2008

"46 is the number of different arrangements (up to rotation and reflection) of 9 non-attacking queens on a 9×9 chessboard."

(from What's Special About This Number?)

Happy Birthday!

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