Cross-site printing?

Monday 21 January 2008This is over 15 years old. Be careful.

ha.ckers points to a proof-of-concept for printing unexpected pages when visiting a malicious web site. It didn’t work for me. It relies on network printers listening on well-known IP aliases and ports (such as “myprinter:9100”). Mine doesn’t seem to use that name, and I didn’t see in the control panel where to configure the name it will use.

It’s always fascinating to see the unexpected consequences of the systems we build...


Ned - Is your printer a network based printer? If it is one way to find the ip address is to check the printer control panel, click on the ports tab and scroll down until you find it. Usually home networks are in the 192's so it would be 192.168.1.x:9100 where x is the ip of your printer.
I can find the numeric IP address, but I saw no indication what name it might be using.

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