Sunday 3 February 2008

Usavich is a strange little cartoon from Japan. Let me see if I can summarize: two rabbits are imprisoned in Russian jail. One is dumb and gentle, the other is placid unless provoked, and then he becomes ultraviolent. There’s also a transvestite chick and a frog, and there’s no dialog. The whole thing is as bizarre as any other cartoon you haven’t watched yet, and after a few episodes, it all makes perfect sense.

As Jim Flanagan (from whose feed I got the link) says,

Damn odd. Compellingly so.

Usavich frame

It’s a very well-done cartoon. The official site has high-quality video, but only half the episodes are there. Automatic Daddy has collected all of the YouTube clips for your convenience.


Don 1:28 PM on 8 Feb 2008

That is some seriously bizarre stuff, Ned. I'm still trying to digest the first six movies, and am utterly incapable of forming an opinion. I think I like it.

For the sheer "wow ... what just the hell just happened?" factor, I'll say thumbs up.

dev 12:39 PM on 20 Feb 2008

its ok but after a while it gets very annoyina as the rabbit in red seems to be imortal and the whole thing gets too stupid. other than that its ok.

Bil 11:08 PM on 20 Sep 2009

It's it! Does anyone know where I can buy the DVD of this in the USA?

Bil 11:08 PM on 20 Sep 2009


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