Sunday 3 February 2008This is more than 15 years old. Be careful.

Usavich is a strange little cartoon from Japan. Let me see if I can summarize: two rabbits are imprisoned in Russian jail. One is dumb and gentle, the other is placid unless provoked, and then he becomes ultraviolent. There’s also a transvestite chick and a frog, and there’s no dialog. The whole thing is as bizarre as any other cartoon you haven’t watched yet, and after a few episodes, it all makes perfect sense.

As Jim Flanagan (from whose feed I got the link) says,

Damn odd. Compellingly so.

Usavich frame

It’s a very well-done cartoon. The official site has high-quality video, but only half the episodes are there. Automatic Daddy has collected all of the YouTube clips for your convenience.


That is some seriously bizarre stuff, Ned. I'm still trying to digest the first six movies, and am utterly incapable of forming an opinion. I think I like it.

For the sheer "wow ... what just the hell just happened?" factor, I'll say thumbs up.
its ok but after a while it gets very annoyina as the rabbit in red seems to be imortal and the whole thing gets too stupid. other than that its ok.
It's it! Does anyone know where I can buy the DVD of this in the USA?

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