Thursday 17 April 2008This is 15 years old. Be careful.

Command-Shift-3 is a website for showcasing web page designs and pitting them against each other in HotOrNot-style face-offs. The design and tone of the site are fun, and they provide interesting ways to surf around: leaders right now, all-time best, worst ever, by tag (orange), and battle by tag (cat).

In addition to the snarky fun of voting, you can see some good stuff roll by. From it, I found MisterPresident, a site designed by Khoi Vinh for his dog.

Playing with this site last week helped energize me to do my own redesign, which as of this writing has managed one win, one loss, and one draw in competition.

PS: for the non-Mac users out there: command-shift-3 is the OSX shortcut for capturing a screenshot.


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