Design pranks

Thursday 3 April 2008

I know I’m a few days late, but I liked these two design-related jokes:

  • A Ford re-branding which was well balanced on the lame/professional line, enough so to believe that (horrifyingly) maybe it was true. In this case, it was a student’s class project. Good PR for him.
  • The Serif announced Helvetica Serif, based on drawings by Max Miedinger. The joke was poorly executed, though, since the sample shown is nothing more than Times Bold. In fact, Google coughs up an actual attempt at Helvetica Serif, which is at least different enough to have sparked some outraged reactions.

Some people think April Fools’ jokes suck (though is that post itself a joke? hard to say). But I like them because the best ones work by exploring the edge of plausibility. They are witty “what if?” questions. Could Ford really have tossed out their century-old brand? Other companies have made moves that bold/stupid. When a joke like this works, it’s because it’s in the twilight zone between obvious and impossible.


Kevin Dahlhausen 9:41 AM on 3 Apr 2008
NPR nailed it this year. Did you hear the review of 'B-Flat'? Basically an album of one note. The 'reviewer' droned on and on in the most arrogant manner of a critic. But the best was yet to come, when people wrote in the next day blasting the review and the idea of an album that contains only one note.
I heard part of that review, and the pomposity was a tip off. But the byline at the end was a huge clue too: ".. and he reviews music for All Things Considered once a year."
Maybe I'm not getting secondary jokes here, but why do the pictures of cars with the "new" logo remind me of Peugeot?
This Design is very very funny beacuse this design is very great I heard part of that review.

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