Pixar and Disney line-up through 2012

Monday 14 April 2008

Here’s the complete line-up of Disney and Pixar animated movies for the next four years. Things I noticed:

  • Pretty soon, everything’s going to be 3-D.
  • Some movies are Disney and Pixar, and some are just Disney. Rapunzel is a Disney-only CG made without Pixar? Interesting.
  • There are plenty of sequels. Well, only two, but Pixar has six titles here, so a third of them are sequels. And there’s the re-release of the Toy Stories in 3-D, which makes it feel like eight movies, four of which are sequels or re-hashes.

I still haven’t seen Ratatouille, and my kids have, so I’ve got no one to see it with. I won’t make that mistake with Wall-E...


If your wife hasn't seen it, see it with her. It's a magnificent movie.
I see a distinct lack of The Incredibles 2, and that makes me very sad. By far the best Pixar film so far, far better than Toy Story and friends.

Ratatouille was decent, but not spectacular.
Matthew has been looking forward to Wall-E since we saw a lonely trailer on the web about 6 months ago. Lacking in any real action-figure-ness (yet), he prints out pictures from the web on cardstock paper and plays with them.

Should be good.

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