Jimiyo fine art sprites

Tuesday 5 February 2008This is over 15 years old. Be careful.

Jimiyo is Jimi Benedict, an artist who lives on a ranch in Utah so as to have time to perfect his art. He’s got tons of great drawings and t-shirt designs, but two of his recent pieces are what caught my eye. Artists work from what is around them, and what they are familiar with. What do you create if you are an artist who grew up with crudely-drawn video games?

Super Mario, sprite fine art
Link from Zelda, sprite fine art

I find it fascinating the way he turned sprites into fine detailed art without losing their essential sprite-ness, using the limitations of the sprite to shape the outcome even in a medium without restrictions. The old technology is now part of the cultural soup in which artists seek inspiration, and will continue to make appearances in unexpected places.


Great pieces. Reminds me of your post about tattoos of game characters on people, and just last Friday I saw a friend of a friend and noticed the Mario question mark symbol on his arm.
That Mario is awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

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