Code déjà vu

Friday 15 August 2008

The other day, I sat down to add a small feature to the Tabblo code. I mentally plotted out what pieces I’d have to build, and how they would interact. I wrote the first piece, and then moved on to where I would have to add the second piece. When I got there, the code was already there!

Sometime quite recently, in the last two months let’s say, I had actually pretty much already written the very feature I thought I had to write now. Whoa.

At least it made coding it up easier!



I had that happen in May last year when working on a big project. I figured it was a sign but I really appreciated that I'd done the work when I found it!

Deja vu is certainly a strange thing!
You'd better get that doppelganger of yours under control. No telling what else he's doing!
Sylvain Galineau 1:14 PM on 20 Aug 2008
Usually when that happened to me it was because Bob got to it before me...

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