Classic photos in Lego

Thursday 12 June 2008This is 15 years old. Be careful.

Photographer Mike Balakov has recreated a number of classic photographs in Lego.

Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare

(here’s the original.) The Lego constructions themselves are quite simple, but the photo set up is often complex, to get the right lighting and lens characteristics:

Set up of the shot

This is reminiscent of the Brick Testament, an extensive (4000 shots!) recreation of Bible scenes in Lego. My ten-year-old Ben is fascinated by these, and has been working on his own scenes from Greek mythology in Lego. It’s a fun way to study the material, exercise your Lego creativity, and learn some more about photography at the same time.


If you're interested in building Lego of the virtual variety, you might want to check out some tools which use the LDraw format (

Since the format is really simple, it's really easy to write your own tools to generate LDraw files - I put together a Python package to make it easier to compose scenes with figures in:

Happy real and virtual Lego building!

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