Classic photos in Lego

Thursday 12 June 2008

Photographer Mike Balakov has recreated a number of classic photographs in Lego.

Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare

(here’s the original.) The Lego constructions themselves are quite simple, but the photo set up is often complex, to get the right lighting and lens characteristics:

Set up of the shot

This is reminiscent of the Brick Testament, an extensive (4000 shots!) recreation of Bible scenes in Lego. My ten-year-old Ben is fascinated by these, and has been working on his own scenes from Greek mythology in Lego. It’s a fun way to study the material, exercise your Lego creativity, and learn some more about photography at the same time.


David Boddie 5:54 PM on 12 Jun 2008

If you're interested in building Lego of the virtual variety, you might want to check out some tools which use the LDraw format (

Since the format is really simple, it's really easy to write your own tools to generate LDraw files - I put together a Python package to make it easier to compose scenes with figures in:

Happy real and virtual Lego building!

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