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Tuesday 10 June 2008

I saw Sex In The City over the weekend (it was just OK if you liked the series), and noticed the web addresses they tossed around. Carrie’s homepage is carriebradshaw.com, which is really live, but is the perfect movie prop: it looks good on screen, but there’s no real content. It’s just enough to let an actor click around a little.

A significant email address in the movie was at jjpny.com, which is registered to New Line Productions, but has no web page. I wonder if email sent to john@jjpny.com will go anywhere?

This reminds me of the classic debate over invalid IP addresses appearing in movies. Are they just mistakes by ignorant propmasters, or like phone numbers starting with 555, purposefully invalid so that fans won’t bother a hapless civilian?

With domain names, it’s a little easier, since you can actually register the fake names you want to use...


The best *good* use of tech in a movie that I can remember was the real SSH exploit that Trinity used in The Matrix Reloaded:

if it appears in a movie, then it must be owned by a movie company that is making the movie.
Come on, guys, find yourself a girlfriend and stop this nerdy talk!
~$ host -a jjpny.com
jjpny.com ANY record not found, server failure

The domain jjpny.com does not point to any server at all, thus mail will not go anywhere.
I watched Sex and the City, with the commentary, and They actually own carriebradshaw.com and John@JJPNY.com, and they had to pay a guy who owned CarrieBradhsaw.com a lot of money to use it, :p. , And John@JJPNY.COM is a really email address registered to a real email account, just if you send an email, they wont reply because they dont read them anymore.

My name is Jay Taylor, I am the Director of Production at New Line Productions.

All Communication and technologies used have been implemented in a correct and lawful manner.

If person/s has/have any issues with this, please contact our complaints department. Details are provided below.

Complaints: Tel, 0800 201 0 201 - E-mail, complaint@newlineproductions.com.

Kind regards,

Jay Radcliffe,
Director of Production.
@ New Line Productions, Inc.
Huh? Jay Radcliffe or Jay Taylor? Which one are you?
Stephen Marketford 5:29 PM on 21 Aug 2011
I Saw Sex and the city and tried to make an account.

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