Richard Napoleon Bonaparte Batchelder

Saturday 31 August 2002This is 21 years old. Be careful.

So, now that I’ve ranted about the stupidity of Lycos, I should admit, there is one good aspect to its wacky search results: you find things you weren’t actually looking for. My search on my own name turned up a page about the grave of Richard Napoleon Bonaparte Batchelder. He is a very distant relative of mine, a fourth cousin four times removed (really: according to my Dad’s researches in Pierce’s Batchelder genealogy, my great-great-grandfather and he had the same great-great-great grandfather).

Perhaps because of his name, or in spite of it, he rose to become the Chief Quartermaster of the Army during the Civil War, received the Congressional Medal of Honor, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Pleased to meet you, Richard.

Richard Napoleon Bonaparte Batchelder


My family actually owns a shield and two swords that were owned by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. I posted some close up photos and a short video on my blog in case you’re interested. Take care - Bob

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