Wednesday 11 September 2002This is close to 21 years old. Be careful.

It is one year since the attacks, and there’s lots being said about them, and the year since. At the time, many people felt that something had changed forever. I suppose something has (we have a greater understanding of what terrorism is all about, and perhaps a greater willingness to participate directly to prevent it), but I fear that the whole event and its remembrance have been reduced nearly to kitsch.

Aside from the nation-sized feelings about countries in conflict, and our role in the world, there were also a great deal of personal-sized feeling about heroes, and each other, and caring for small things. I have to (sadly) admit that I don’t see much changed on that scale in the past year. For example, I still see cars running red lights for some reason, often an SUV with a tattered American flag flying from its antenna, while the driver chats on a cell phone. With all the remembrance going on, there’s an awful lot of forgetting, too.


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