Picasa serial numbers

Saturday 30 November 2002

Do you want a serial number that will unlock Picasa? Try one of these:


To the people looking for serial numbers: The software only costs $30! Have the makers of Picasa angered you in some way that you feel justified stealing from them? You like the software enough to search the web for a serial number, why not give them the lousy $30 so they can make the next version? When was the last time you saw a movie you hated, and paid almost as much for the experience?

To my other readers: For most of this site’s life, the top search engine query that brought visitors to this site was how to draw a monkey, because of a posting back in April entitled How To Draw A Monkey. About one person per day would find me that way. Who knew there was such demand for sketches of animals?

About a week ago, though, I wrote an entry partly about Picasa, entitled Picasa and ThumbsPlus. In this same month, I wrote an entry called Serial Progress Bars. Because I organize my archive pages by month, and I ask the search engines to index my archive pages rather than the always-changing main page, these two entries appear on the same page. In the four days after Google first indexed this page, I got more than 20 people a day coming here looking for picasa serial number, or some variant thereof.

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Screw You Farthead
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