How to draw a monkey

Saturday 20 April 2002

My youngest son is fascinated by drawing, and will sit with a box of crayons and a stack of paper for hours, drawing all sorts of things (pirate ships are a favorite). He’ll ask me to draw things for him as well, and I try to draw what he asks for. Last weekend he asked me to draw a monkey. I said, “OK, I’ll draw a monkey”, but I found that I could not. I asked my wife, “Hey, how do you draw a monkey?” She wasn’t sure. We researched it (Things That Go, by Anne Rockwell, was particularly helpful!), tweaked it, polished it, and this is what we ended up with (executed in Crayola brown on Staples brand multi-purpose paper):

simple hand-drawn monkey


Matt 11:16 PM on 3 Aug 2005

That is a fantastic monkey, sir! I love it.

elena dahn 12:51 PM on 16 Oct 2006

i am a visual artist and i am building a drawing. i wonder if i can use that incredibly beautifull monkey to do a version of it. Thanks!

Lex 3:34 PM on 12 Jul 2008

i do mine a litle different but mine look like cartoons but hey that is realy cute you should add a little flower or something in it's hair. Butthats just my oppion youra really good artist

John 8:26 PM on 5 Feb 2009

Thats terrible... It looks like a 5 year old made it.. I've tried once and drew a monkey that should belong in one of those animated chartoons that almost look real... I'd upload it but idk how... honestly, your monkey doesn't belong on the web, let alone a cartoon.

monkey 10:07 PM on 8 May 2009

that is nice work not every one can draw u know

wtf 10:12 PM on 8 May 2009

omg that is soooo ugly is a monkey or is it the drawer your work is so disgusting i hate this art work go fall down a hill or something okay love u

Hi Bob! 3:21 PM on 4 Apr 2010

Not Good Compared To What I Can Do...BUT! I Have Faith In You! Not Everyone Can Draw Well You Know So 3/5-4/5!

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