Copy and modify

Saturday 15 June 2002

I was contemplating a coding task for work. It was going to involve copying a chunk of code from another project, and modifying it for the problem at hand. This is a common strategy in writing software (please, no lectures about commonalizing the code, writing libraries, etc. In this case is wasn’t an option: trust me). I figured there ought to be a catchy phrase for copying and modifying, something with either rhyme (like “walk and talk”) or alliteration (like “cash and carry” or “nature vs. nurture”).

My wife and I brainstormed for a bit, and the best was “clone and hone”. Here’s what we came up with:

  • clone and hone
  • pinch and paint
  • grab and grind
  • skim and trim
  • append and amend
  • sneak and tweak
  • swipe and stripe
  • take and shake
  • lift and sift
  • mooch and mash


pick and plop
cut and paste

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