Ban Comic Sans

Friday 15 November 2002

I’ve always disliked Comic Sans, the childish typeface on Windows systems that seems so popular with apparently everyone else. It’s not that I think comic book lettering is a bad design for a typeface, I’ve always felt that Comic Sans lacked grace or style. It seems deliberately cramped and awkward. It’s surprising considering the other work by the same designer (Vince Connare).

So I was encouraged to see others share my distaste for the face. Ban comic sans is proposing a guerilla sticker campaign to ban Comic Sans. It won’t work of course, but I have to admire their typographic passion and sticker chutzpah.

The typographica entry also has a link to a Typophile forum message about the campaign. BTW: I love the Typophile banner ad:

Typophile banner ad


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