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Saturday 13 April 2002This is 21 years old. Be careful.

From the looks of it, Oddpost is a very slick web-based email system. They’ve implemented a clone of Outlook Express in DHTML, and it works remarkably smoothly. I haven’t signed up for my own account to try it out, but I’m thinking about it.

I use Yahoo mail, but they have been continuing their descent into desperation. In addition to their recent sleazy re-working of marketing preferences that included setting everything to “yes” (and not providing a “set all to No” button), now they are going to charge for POP3 access.

So, for $30/year (if I sign up immediately, only $20), I can use Yahoo’s clumsy browser interface, and get advertising and spam. Or for $30/year, I can use Oddpost’s drag-and-droppable, keyboard short-cuttable, advertising-less, POP3-able email. Hmmmm....

To be fair, I know that Yahoo has taken on a tougher coding problem, since they don’t rely on IE5, as Oddpost does. But I only use IE5 and higher, so what do I care? As Nicholas Cage said in Moonstruck, “I’m no friggin’ monument to justice!” And I know that Yahoo has a much better chance of being around a year from now than Oddpost does. But still...


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