Acrobat 6

Thursday 9 October 2003This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

Adobe has released version 6 of Acrobat Reader. When you launch it, you will notice a few things:

  1. The splash screen has a cool effect: it’s a classic rectangular box, but the swirly image on it flows off its edges. Very nice.
  2. There are about 47 zillion patents listed on the box. Do we really need to list all the patents specifically, in the splash screen? Am I (or my lawyer) scribbling these down while the app launches? Let’s not get ridiculous.
  3. You have a lot of time to notice all this stuff, because there’s a line at the bottom listing all of the plug-ins getting loaded.

I know Adobe has been positioning Acrobat as more than just a document reader, but let’s face it: for the vast majority of us, it is just a document reader.

Fortunately, Darrell Norton tells us how to make Acrobat 6 load faster. (Basically, just take away most of its plug-ins). In case you are worried that you actually want some of these plug-ins, he also follows up with descriptions of what the plug-ins do.


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