How to improve a day

Friday 26 September 2003This is close to 20 years old. Be careful.

I find, no matter how my day is going, if I can write some code that has the word “shenanigans” in the comments, it’s just that little bit better.


Don't forget "mishigas"!
LOL! It is a great word. My current words of choice are:

"Gah!" and,

They change fairly often.
reminds me of a comment rumoured to be in the un*x kernel

/* You are not meant to understand this /*
Best one I've seen is in the Notes source for display of lines in a view:

// Format the column. This is, and always was, the mother of all
// routines. Sorry. (PUSH! PUSH! It's coming! It's... a BOY!)
Lots of other funny source code comments here:

I've written code documented with

"Additional chicanery takes place so that calls to methods inherited from UNIVERSAL are intercepted..."
The source code for perl (the interpreter/compiler itself) is infamous for some of the comments in it.

double value; /* or your money back! */
short changed;/* so triple your money back! */
-- Larry Wall in cons.c from the perl source code

For more of this, see this collection of Larry Wall quotes:

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