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Monday 5 July 2010This is nearly 13 years old. Be careful.

¶  RT @catherinedevlin: I am so moving to France. Castle under construction w/ 100% historical technology. (Jul 02)

¶  Awesome and sweet.. RT @sgalineau: #classic #starwars (via @bcongdon) (Jun 28)

¶  Not often you get bitingly mean graphic design humor: RT @jackschofield: Missing cat poster story [Cat lovers beware] (Jun 25)

¶  Tons of recreational math stuff! Sadly, no RSS: (Jun 20)

¶  The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form: Really. (Jun 20)

¶  iPad + autism = win! (Jun 18)

¶  About time we took a hard look at couch architecture: lol. (Jun 09)

¶  Pretty, in a geometry/typography kind of way: See the paintings in the stream too. (Jun 05)

¶  RT @sgalineau: Once in a while Smashing Mag surprises: Arabic, East Asian and Indic calligraphy & writing systems #i18n (May 29)


Re: no RSS for the link:

If you're a Google Reader user, you can subscribe to changes on any web page, and Google will add a "feed" of all the changes. Not sure if the feed is accessible outside of Google Reader though.

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