Quick links: Relativity; sky; balancing; large; enormous


Mike Schirpke 10:51 PM on 2 Nov 2003

The enormous machine is what's know as a 'bucket wheel excavator'. Typically used for strip-mining coal. Possibly even this on -> http://www.eugen2002.de/hambach.htm

Carl Tyler 4:54 PM on 3 Nov 2003

I love that little nBot!

Bob 12:20 PM on 4 Nov 2003

The article on large numbers has a link to a fun article on Googleplex: http://www.fpx.de/fp/Fun/Googolplex/

It's been around since 1995. Worth reading if you haven't seen it before.

Dumky 5:39 PM on 14 Nov 2003

There is something similar to the nBot that was made with Lego. http://www.geocities.com/stevehassenplug/LegWay.html

Some other guy also made a human size segway imitation (not using Lego), but I don't remember the url.

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