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Sunday 13 June 2010This is 13 years old. Be careful.

I used to write many more short posts on this blog pointing to stuff I’d seen and liked on the web, in the spirit of the original weblogs. Now, those “go look at this” posts go onto Twitter instead. But I’ve missed having them here, so I’m going to occasionally pull some of my tweets into blog posts like this one.

My son Max helped by hacking together the code to grab the tweets and HTML-ify them, including un-shortening URLs where possible. He also helpfully pointed out that doing this sort of cross-posting would permanently mark me as a clueless dinosaur who didn’t understand Twitter!

In any case, some of my recent tweets:

¶  curly-bracketeers vs. the indentationites vs. the parenthesesophiles: (May 29)

¶  The next phase of telecommuting: Fascinating. (May 19)

¶  How come there aren’t cat cafes around here? (May 08)

¶  Computer graphics incunabula: (Apr 22)

¶  RT @catherinedevlin: It’s frankly impossible to imagine any security failure disrupting operations as much as our sec policies do every day. (Apr 06)

¶  Web dev’s lament: (Apr 02)

¶  vim + soothing speaker = great! RT @tsmarsh: Great vim lessons, almost relaxing (Mar 31)

¶  More stuff made purely with CSS: an entire typeface: (Mar 29)

¶  At last, I can properly categorize my social circles: (Mar 27)

¶  RT @tsmarsh: This made my inner math geek very happy (Mar 23)

¶  Auto-generated editor themes. Why waste time picking colors when you can waste time watching code do it? (Mar 23)

¶  The hazards of merely dabbling in social media: Chocolate Meltdown: (Mar 19)

¶  Engaging tweet enticing you to watch this funny spoof of movie trailers: (Mar 16)

¶  Nice alternative docs for jQuery: (Mar 09)


Hi Ned,

Since I'm not a Twittee, seeing these posts here is appreciated. Consider saving up a bunch and periodically cross posting. Thanks.
Why don't you include a widget (which I think is actually called a "badge") on your home page or on your main blog page that includes some number of latest tweets?
Hi, Ned!
Just wanted to say some of the links are great (vi tutorials are great!).

I am not much of a twitter user - so this is much appreciated.
@brian: I didn't want to include all tweets, just the ones that that fit the "go look at this cool thing" model. And badges in sidebars don't end up in RSS feeds anyway, so I wouldn't be doing much to spread the information around either.
One more from the "don't use Twitter" crowd - some of these are fun, and I appreciate you throwing them up for us.

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