Making Peace with Autism in Korean

Sunday 18 July 2010

My wife's book Making Peace with Autism is now available in Korean: 자폐아 가정의 좌충우돌 성장 이야기.

Making Peace with Autism in Korean

The publishing business is a strange place. The first we knew the book was being translated into Korean was when a box of the books was delivered to our doorstep. Apparently there was also an entry in the latest sales statement from the publisher, but those things are completely indecipherable, so we didn't notice.

The Korean culture also seems to value cute more than we Americans do: the book is full of cartoony decorations. I guess that chipper salaryman on the cover is me!


jaywgraves 9:22 PM on 18 Jul 2010

can't be you on the cover, no beard. ;-)

Eleanor Batchelder 2:17 PM on 19 Jul 2010

And, note the blond hair on Mommy, and various shades of light brown on the boys. I'm assuming that's to make sure that all potential readers notice that this is by/about Westerners, not Asians. Hmmm, is that a map of the US they're standing on? Better yet.

David Boudreau 1:03 AM on 20 Jul 2010

The "cute" thing is also huge in Japanese culture. It's found in many "serious" places you wouldn't expect to find them in the West, such as cartoon characters on you bank ATM card, or in safety warning signs on the street.

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