Lost cake

Tuesday 2 February 2010This is over 13 years old. Be careful.

Tonight is the first episode of the final season of Lost. Max has long been obsessed with the show, but the rest of us had never watched it. That is, until early December when we decided to power-chug through the existing five seasons on DVD, so we’d be ready for tonight. We finished watching the DVDs a few weeks ago, and are eager to see what’s coming.

As is typical in our family, that excitement translates into cake:

LOST cake

It’s a little hard to see the detail: we have a chunk of fuselage (cake), with a broken wing (chocolate bar) complete with turbine engine (Twinkie). Palm trees are Tootsie Rolls topped with gummy worms.


Ned, you've inspired a tradition in my family with your home made birthday cakes! It started year one for my son, and now that he's turning three his requests are getting more elaborate, but I welcome the challenge :) Thanks for the great idea!

The Lost cake looks delicious. Hopefully there wasn't any black smoke in the kitchen while you were baking it.
@Ken: glad to hear you're having fun with it, and good one about the black smoke!

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