Women were designed for homemaking


freddyMac 2:51 PM on 25 Oct 2003

at what point is something to dumb to be worthy of respect?

Simon Willison 3:14 PM on 25 Oct 2003

I've seen that site before, and I'm almost certain it's a wind-up.

Ned Batchelder 3:52 PM on 25 Oct 2003

If by "wind-up" you mean a spoof, I see no evidence of it. There are lots of people here in the US that really do believe things like this website espouses. A co-worker of mine was raised in the south and sent to a school along these lines. He was taught that the Earth was a few thousand years old, and that fossils that appeared older than that were placed by the Devil to make us believe things that weren't true.

I'm afraid it is all too real a site.

Ingve 6:18 PM on 25 Oct 2003

This discussion, particularly the second comment, in this entry from Anders Jacobsen's blog, suggests that it is all a (very elaborate) spoof/joke/hoax.

Simon Willison 7:27 PM on 25 Oct 2003

I don't doubt that some Americans believe that kind of stuff, but reading around that site (especially the Lambuel stuff http://objective.jesussave.us/kidz.html ) there was something about the tone that made is seem like one heck of a well played out hoax. I can completely believe the second comment Ingve points to, which states that this site and a host of others are all part of an elaborate joke. www.capalert.com on the other hand I totally believe in (their reviews are priceless) :)

andrew 10:23 PM on 25 Oct 2003

I agree that it looks like an elaborate hoax, but if not, it has to rank as one of the most unintentionally hilarious sites of all time.

Jeepers, I just went and re-read it and it DOES kinda look like they are being serious...tried a WHOIS on the domain and because it is one of those funky ".us" domains, WHOIS won't do it. Dunno.

Ned Batchelder 6:26 AM on 26 Oct 2003

No, it turns out it is a hoax. See the next blog entry about it: Women weren't design for homemaking.

Laurent 1:15 AM on 27 Oct 2003

I think your wording is inappropriate. You musst not 'believe' in evolution. It is not a religion but it is a scientific hypotheses based on (human) rules which explains facts. To take it as a religion will weakened the scientific endeavour.

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