Women weren’t designed for homemaking

Sunday 26 October 2003

As was pointed out in the comments to yesterday’s post about the Landover Baptist Creation Science Fair, the whole site is a spoof, as the terms of service state. There are real Creation Science fairs, but they are much more innocuous than the spoof, with the types of projects typical of science fairs (Cycle of Life in Soil, Detecting Vitamin C in Fruits and Vegetables), with a few religious projects thrown in (The Garden of Eden, Why I Don’t Believe in Evolution).



The terms of service you link to are actually for a much more obvious parody site that is actively criticized by the site you originally posted the link from. See http://objective.jesussave.us/shutdown.html

The original site http://objective.jesussave.us/ is one of the most mysterious i have ever seen, and i still don't know quite what to make of it. It reads so much like parody, but plays it so straight and consistent that it is hard to believe that the authors could "keep a straight face". I wonder if it is perhaps run by "robust" christians who like to take the piss out of themselves?

Regardless of the motivation of the authors, i think it makes an excellent and entertaining read
Although Christian fundamentalism is a hobby the 'science project' about God creating rabbits on the sixth day had me wondering. But he links to several creation science sites that aren't parodies.

It was indeed a funny site to visit. Thanks.

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