20 years of blogging

Monday 7 March 2022

This blog is 20 years old today. My first post ever was My first job ever. 20 years later, this is my 2545th post.

It’s tempting to write a philosophical piece about the meaning of it all, and provide some grand perspective. But there is no overarching narrrative to this blog. It’s just been a place to write things and connect with people in various ways.

Here are some popular deep cuts you might have missed over the years:

Often I write about what’s going on with my autistic son Nat:

Of course, there’s lots of Python and other technical stuff:

Looking back 20 years at the early posts, many of the things I liked and linked to are gone. But for whatever reason, the puzzle-makers, geometers and type designers seem most durable. Here are some that are still around (and mostly look their age!):

I’m not sure what else to say about 20 years of blogging. I’m still doing it.



I’m a relatively new reader of your blog, but I’ve enjoyed your posts. I also blog, and I always enjoy finding others who take part in this seemingly shrinking activity. Keep up the great work!


I had no idea we both liked making cakes shaped like things which are not cakes!

My favorite of yours is unquestionably the microbe cake but I also really love the pool and the roller coaster.


A reader of this blog for more than 10 years (I guess), I have enjoyed all that I have read here. An admirer from afar, I wish you many more productive, joyful years of life and blogging

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