Happy Birthday Nat

Monday 15 November 2010This is nearly 13 years old. Be careful.

Today is my oldest son Nat’s 21st birthday. I’m very proud of him. Although he is not the 21-year-old I had imagined, he is a fine young man, doing the most with what he has.

Susan and Nat went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago as part of celebrating his birthday, so she made him a roller coaster cake:

Roller coaster cake

I actually had nothing to do with this cake, I napped through the entire construction. But I think it’s one of our best: the yodels are perfect as cars, and the Lego people fit perfectly. The hill is a bundt cake, filled with blue M+M’s to make it Splash Mountain. Don’t look too closely, though, you’ll see that the two trains of cars are actually headed in opposite directions, and therefore will collide shortly!

Nat’s birthday can be a tricky day, but a good cake is a good centerpiece:

Tabblo: A Roller Coaster Birthday


That's one of the most delicious looking cakes you've shared. You'll have to take a nap more often :)

Happy Birthday Nat!
Brilliant. The photo reminds me of the best cake my mother ever made me: a train cake, with the carriages each loaded with nuts, raisins, and chocolates. Birthday wishes to your son!
Happy Birthday Nat!
Hope the world will be full of joy for you!

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